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One of the most important aspects of property maintenance is ensuring that you and your guests or customers have access to a secure parking area that is hard, attractive, and durable. Asphalt is the optimal material for residential parking areas and commercial parking lots. Ernest Small Paving is a professional contractor that has been serving the area for over 19 years. We provide affordable, high-quality asphalt parking lot installation, maintenance, and repair services. Contact Ernest Small Paving to request your free quote: (304) 472-8411.

Welcome Visitors With a Smooth, Level Parking Lot

Ernest Small Paving uses a propriety blend of premium aggregates and strong asphalt cements to create extremely attractive, smooth, level lots that are easy to clean, plow, and maintain. As the very first aspect of your home or business that most will encounter, your parking area says a lot about you. Welcome your visitors with a parking area free of dangerous potholes, crumbling surfaces, mud puddles, and other hazards with the assistance of Ernest Small Paving. Our prices are affordable and we get your project completed efficiently so you are able to use your lot right away.

Asphalt Parking Lots Endure With Minimal Maintenance

Everyone loves the buttery smoothness of a rich, freshly paved parking lot! We install stunning asphalt commercial parking lots and residential parking areas designed to endure the test of time with minimal maintenance. Complete asphalt services are available. If your parking surface requires maintenance, sealcoating, or repairs, contact Ernest Small Paving for a free quote.

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At Ernest Small Paving, we will work with you to design and install the ideal parking area to meet your requirements. Our workmanship is guaranteed. The team at Ernest Small Paving is highly skilled and pays attention to detail so you can be confident in your decision to choose us for all of your paving needs. Let us know how we can enhance the value and appearance of your property with one of our affordable paving services.

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