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Asphalt is the ideal material for your residential or commercial driveway. Superior traction and lower installation, maintenance, and repair costs are just a few of the reasons why over 85% of roads and driveways are made from asphalt. For over 19 years, Ernest Small Paving has been known for designing and installing the highest quality driveways at an affordable rate throughout our service area. Let us know what we can do for you. Contact us for a free quote today: (304) 472-8411.

Why Choose Asphalt?

If you are wondering why you should consider asphalt for your next project, read on. The reasons are compelling. Asphalt is specifically engineered to provide a strong, durable, and continuous surface that is resistant to damage from the freeze/thaw cycle due to its natural flex. As the most cost-effective driveway material, asphalt provides many years of service with minimal maintenance, and is an excellent investment for your property.

Attractive Driveways Begin and End With Asphalt

An inviting driveway begins and ends with a sleek black ribbon of smooth asphalt. Your driveway is one of the first aspects of home design noticed by visitors and those who pass by your home or business. Create an excellent first impression and maximize curb appeal with a new asphalt driveway, sealcoating, or repair service from Ernest Small Paving.

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What is Asphalt?

Asphalt is the material of choice for a wide variety of impermeable surfaces for business and homeowners throughout the world. It consists of a strong, yet flexible mixture of aggregates (sand and stones) combined with premium-grade liquid asphalt cement. Precision heat is applied to create a mixture that is delivered to your location while still hot. This enables the asphalt to be molded to create your driveway according to the depth, width, and design specifications you prefer. We can create a variety of types of driveways with hot asphalt, including straight, elegantly curved, and custom raised surfaces to meet your property’s requirements and your personal preferences.

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