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Belington and Philippi, WV Asphalt Paving

Barbour County Parking Lot & Driveway Installation, Repair & Sealcoating

For over 19 years, Ernest Small Paving has been Barbour County’s trusted provider of affordable asphalt services. We offer professional driveway and parking area installation, as well as quality sealcoating and repair work in Philippi, Belington, and the surrounding area throughout all of Barbour County, WV. Whether you are planning a new construction project or require pothole repair service, you can rely on our skilled crew to deliver excellent results. Let us take care of all your paving needs.

Belington, WV Residential and Commercial Paving

Asphalt is the ideal material for your new driveway or parking area. It is indicated for use in over 94% of new road and highway projects in the United States for a good reason. With regular maintenance and care, most installations in and around Belington, WV, can last for decades. Your asphalt will continue to maintain its new look and functionality with a refreshing coat of protectant sealant and prompt attention to any damaged areas as they may develop. Ernest Small Paving offers competitive pricing for all of our services.

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Driveway Design and Installation in Philippi, WV

The appeal of a fresh, buttery smooth, black driveway cannot be overstated. No matter how great the rest of your home looks, the condition of the driveway can make or break the opinion of those who view your property in Philippi, WV. A smoothly curving drive leading up to a well-maintained house is as much a part of the image of “home” as the token tree and sun in a child’s drawing. It is that important. Let us help set the stage of your property and help increase your property value with a carefully designed and installed ribbon of impervious premium asphalt.

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